The Jeanne Team

Old-school service means you’ll be on a first-name basis with a dedicated agent who knows you, your family and your insurance needs. Always available to take your call, answer your questions, process your claims and recommend the perfect coverage levels for your home, auto, business and more, your Jeanne McHugh Insurance agent is there for you.

Diana Sanger

Business Manager

Diana has been with the Jeanne McHugh Insurance Agency for over 15 years, starting first as a receptionist and file clerk, then becoming Jeanne’s office assistant and currently serves as Business Manager. Trained by Jeanne herself, Diana values the individualized customer service clients have come to know and rely upon. She knows every client by name, and makes sure no one is ever “just a number”.  Serving the industry for over a decade Diana has a wealth of knowledge about how to help each client whatever they may need. Diana works with various insurance companies to find the best coverage available for a reasonable price and helps her clients to best meet their coverage needs.  She can even talk you through the sometimes-confusing claims process.  

Ms. Sanger trains and maintains a knowledgeable staff according to Jeanne’s proven method.  This ensures every Jeanne McHugh agent is able to answer your questions and help you – like Jeanne did, and just as the Jeanne McHugh Insurance Agency has been helping people in the San Gabriel Valley and across the state for over 35 years.  Call or email her for a quote today!

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Katie Roberts


“The newest member of the Jeanne McHugh Insurance team, Katie brings 30 years of customer service, sales and marketing experience to her role. A close friend of the McHugh Family for 30+ years, Katie joined the Jeanne McHugh Insurance Agency team because she is passionate about helping people in the Southern California community. 

Katie believes it is our responsibility to guide each customer through their questions and provide the insurance products and knowledge that can serve them best.   

Ms. Roberts holds a degree in Political Science from UC Irvine, and currently lives in Pasadena with her husband and two teenage children.  Katie has won numerous professional achievement awards like ‘Highest Grossing Play by Play Sports Radio Station of the Year’ and the ‘Los Angeles Radio Influencer Advertiser Award’.  In her spare time she enjoys music, hiking, gardening and traveling.”

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Anthony Vitiello


Jeanne’s one and only son-in-law, together with Jeanne’s daughter Kathleen, is continuing their mothers’ life’s work as the next-generation leaders of the Jeanne McHugh Insurance Agency.

Anthony is a successful business executive and entrepreneur with thirty-plus years of experience in enterprise software sales and marketing serving numerous industries including supply chain logistics, human capital/staffing, financial services, hospitality/food & beverage and others – from startups to Fortune 500 companies. This diverse experience provides Anthony with insight into the needs of all manner of businesses and property types.

Mr. Vitiello holds a BA from Sarah Lawrence College and is an accomplished musician in his free time, leading a 10-piece New Orleans Funk and Classic R&B band. He is happily married to Kathleen for 26 years and they have one son together.

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Kathleen McHugh-Vitiello

Vice President

Kathleen’s background is in education and she’s worked in primary/elementary schools and a nationally acclaimed public library in her community. Prior to this experience, Kathleen worked in the garment industry promoting ecologically responsible manufacturing processes focusing on raising public awareness. These experiences prepares her well to help ensure customers of the Jeanne McHugh Insurance Agency are furnished with all the information and resources they need to make educated and informed choices regarding their homes, businesses and vehicles.

Kathleen shares her mother’s grit, determination and commitment to excellence and is proud to continue to serve a nearly fifty year legacy of service to the community.

Kathleen studied at Monterey Peninsula Community College and Merritt College in Oakland, CA.

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Jeanne McHugh

Founder and Mentor

Like you, Jeanne McHugh worked hard to build a good life for those she loved and she puts everything behind protecting all she built.

Jeanne’s story intersects with so many classic American stories.  Coming to the US as a child with two sisters, her French father and Chinese mother, Jeanne landed in rural Hollister, CA.  Jeanne learned what it’s like to start life in a new country and the power of understanding.   Jeanne speaks English, French, Chinese and some Spanish. 

Service matters most to Jeanne.  Jeanne married Mike, a decorated Marine, in 1961. They raised three children in Southern California who sustained the McHugh tradition of service with Naval, Marine Corps and Coast Guard careers.  That’s why Jeanne always stands for helping servicemen/women and military families – protecting those who would protect us all.

Jeanne’s been both an employee and an entrepreneur/employer – owning and operating a 130-seat truck stop diner in the late 1960s, then serving the Teamsters’ Union in the 1970s, before finally launching her successful career in the insurance industry.  She knows the hard work it takes to succeed both as a business owner and as a member of the great American workforce.  In both roles Jeanne always strives to support and promote women in the workplace and she’s mentored many.

No one loved American Western culture more than Jeanne.  With a Class-C license and rig, Jeanne loved traveling up and down the west coast of North America in her custom RV.  Fan of both rodeos and casinos, Jeanne and family enjoyed many trips to destinations as nearby as Vegas and Tahoe for gaming, and as far afield as the Calgary Stampede and down to Rosarito for fishing and boating.  Logging nearly a million miles, Jeanne’s an expert when it comes to protecting RVs, boats, watercraft, motorcycles and trailers.   

The Jeanne McHugh Insurance Agency and the desire to serve is the legacy Jeanne will leave behind to the Southern California community.

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